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In this blog, we get to know a little bit more about the lovely Beth Ashworth (aka @happyxseoul). Beth is 29 years old from Coventry, UK however she was born in our hometown, Manchester! As well as skincare and beauty, Beth is also a fan of all things Korean including watching insane amounts of K-Dramas, listening to hours of K-Pop as well as studying Korean.

When and why did you start your IG skincare page?
I first started towards the end of April 2018. I have loved K-Beauty for so long and I’ve always wanted to share my reviews and experiences with others. A blog had been my first thought, but then I didn’t think I would be able to express myself as easily as on IG. A little bit of research and speaking to friends who were interested in learning more about Korean skincare gave me the push I needed.

Tell us about what got you into K-Beauty:
I began dabbling in K-Beauty in 2014/2015 after being sucked in by the vast array of product placement in K-Dramas I’d watched. I was always intrigued how the actresses had such perfectly glowing skin and decided that I wanted mine to look like that too! I started off with a few sheet masks here and there, but it quickly developed a bit of an obsession.


What advice would you give to those new to K-Beauty and the infamous ‘10 Step Routine’?
I always suggest that you don’t just throw yourself into the ‘10 Step Routine’ straight out the gate. Just do what’s best for you and work slowly up to more steps. I always get asked about the ‘10 Step Routine and the honest answer I always give is that most of us don’t use 10 steps unless we are feeling super extra (mine is around 6 or 7 most days). I would suggest starting off with a double cleanse, moisturiser and sunscreen in the first instance then gradually build on what your skin needs from there.

Favourite Korean skincare brand(s):
Now this is a super hard question because I have so many, but if I had to single out just a couple they would be:

  • Benton - a brand that focuses on high quality, skin loving ingredients that actually work. There is nothing fancy about them, they are affordable and care about their customers. I’m yet to encounter a product that has failed me and I have literally purchased everything!
  • Aromatica - one of my more recent favourites that I have encountered, such that I have purchased practically every product they have too. Slightly more expensive than the other two, their brand ethos is for clean and safe beauty. I particularly love their haircare line which features sulphate and paraben free shampoo and conditioner
  • Cosrx - another affordable and highly effective brand that consistently release products that deliver real results


    If you were stuck on a desert island, which three K-Beauty products would you take with you?
    Ohhhhh I would want to double cleanse so bad, but I know I need a moisturiser and sunscreen so...
    (1) Cosrx Low PH Gel Cleanser
    (2) Benton Aloe Propolis Gel
    (3) Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence Sunscreen


    Describe your skincare collection in three words
    Vast, essential and expensive

    Finally, what’s the best skincare advice you have ever received?
    Make sure to use sunscreen every... single... day! Whether it’s raining, snowing or if you are only leaving the house for 30 minutes. The best form of anti-aging is making sure your skin is properly protected.

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