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In this blog, we get to know a little bit more about 27 years old Katherine (aka @skinfullofseoul). Katherine is from North East of England and she was an English Teacher in South Korea for four years however moved back to England last year. She loves anything beauty related and is also partial to a cheeseboard and glass of Prosecco!



When did you start your IG skincare page and why?

I moved to Seoul and discovered Korean beauty for the first time in 2014. I became completely obsessed. My friends and family back home were really intrigued because it was relatively unknown in the UK at that time, and they encouraged me to share my discoveries. I started my IG in 2015 and then my blog at the beginning of 2016.


Tell us about what got you into K-Beauty

Moving to Korea! I had never known anything about K-beauty before. I’ve always been really into makeup and beauty, but skincare and specifically K-beauty was totally new to me. It was a really exciting experience discovering it in Seoul and I was so curious right from my first time going into the shops. Once I saw the results in my skin after the first month of using Korean skincare products, I was hooked.


For those new to K-Beauty, the whole ‘10 Step Routine’ may seem slightly over the top and daunting. What advice would you give to newbies?

You don’t need to do 10 steps! And it’s definitely not a good idea to jump into ten new products at once. Start by figuring out your skin type, and the aims you have. Then build a routine slowly around that, perhaps adding in one new step at a time. It’s all about what works for you so don’t feel like you have to incorporate everything you read about.


What’s your favourite Korean skincare brand(s) and why?

Cosrx always come up for me when I’m asked this, because they offer such simple, affordable, highly effective products. Purito are also amazing for those same reasons.

I really like A by Bom because some of their products are almost holy grail for me (their Ultra Time Return Eye Serum for example).

For high-end brands, I adore Shangpree. I have a great relationship with the Shangpree estheticians in the Cheongdam branch in Seoul, and their products are just so luxurious and effective. Their Research & Development is next level and they are always coming up with innovative skincare solutions. 107 are another high-end Korean brand I love. They have a small selection of products that are incredibly high quality and the brand owners are so personally invested in the products, which always translates well to user experience.


If you were stuck on a desert island, which three K-Beauty products would you take with you?

SO DIFFICULT TO CHOOSE JUST THREE! Probably Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence, A by Bom Ultra Time Return Eye Serum and 107 Core Flex Cream.


Describe your skincare collection in three words

Hydrating, Hanbang, Non-Minimalistic


Finally, what’s the best skincare advice you have ever received?

Hydrate your skin. I didn’t understand that my skin could be dehydrated even though I didn’t have dry skin. Once I started using hydrating layers like Korean toners and essences, my skin completely changed and got that glow!!

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