Product Review: Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm

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Review of Banila Co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm

Anne-Marie Hay (@knorrinski) is a skincare addict with a love for Asian/Korean beauty products. Anne-Marie was gifted the Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm by us for her honest opinion and review.


Summary: I’ve been testing the Banila Co Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm for about three weeks and its performance places it amongst my favourites. I love the ease with which it turns from a balm to an oil and the fact that it emulsifies like a dream. In addition, it removes almost every speck of dirt, SPF and make-up and rinses away cleanly with no residue. Everything I look for in a first cleanse!     



Skin Type: My skin type is dry and ageing with a tendency towards being sensitive due to rosacea, which also means I am prone to redness. This means my routine is focused on hydration, moisturisation and ingredients which help my skin to age well.   

Packaging: The packaging consists of a fluorescent pink plastic screw top jar that contains 100ml of product. When brand new, the jar is packaged inside a cardboard box and the product is sealed within the jar by a foil underneath the screw top. Additionally, a small, clear, plastic spatula is included. 



Notable Ingredients: 

Ethylhexyl Palmitate & Cetyl Ethylhexanoate – Natural Ester oils are used in place of the mineral oil that was in the old formulation and are commonly used emollients that works especially well on dry skin.  

Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E acetate) - Vitamin E is a potent anti-oxidant, skin conditioning agent and has been shown to improve the effectiveness of UV filters in sunscreen. Vitamin E occurs naturally in the skin but is depleted when exposed to UVA/UVB rays and isn’t protected by sunscreen. 

Bambusa Vulgaris Leaf/Stem Extract (Bamboo) – A source of natural antioxidants and skin soothing properties.

Malpighia Glabra (Acerola) Fruit Extract – Another rich source of antioxidants (vitamin C, beta-carotene, several polyphenols and Folate) and hydrating polysaccharides, some of which have been shown to protect fibroblasts in skin from suffering oxidative damage, which in turn leads to younger-looking skin

Fragrance – This can be a blend of or an individual fragrant oil (plant or synthetically derived) that imparts a scent to a product. Unfortunately, they are often skin sensitizers because they are composed of hundreds of individual chemical components. 

Personally, I didn’t find the product irritating and my skin didn’t become sensitised by using it. Obviously, the product is a cleansing balm so it’s not actually on my skin for a very long time due to it being rinsed off shortly after application and due to my performing a second cleanse afterwards. However, those with especially sensitive skin and those who find added fragrance to be an irritant may want to try a sample before committing to a full size. 

Consistency and Scent: The product has a very faint but pleasant floral-fruity scent that you have to work hard to detect and which dissipates very quickly. It starts as a solid balm (excellent for traveling with) that has a sherbet-y texture which is easy to scoop out and into your hand. As soon as you start massaging it into your skin it melts and turns into an oil that slips smoothly over your skin without any dragging sensation. It is perfect for those who don’t like to use an oil cleanser if they find them too “drippy/runny”. 



Result: I found that the balm removed daily grime and SPF easily. When I wore make-up, it would remove my waterproof mascara, thick eyeliners, eye shadows (liquid, cream and powder) and most lipsticks completely. The only product it didn’t completely remove was an extremely stubborn scarlet red lip tint (I’ve not found any product yet that can remove it completely first time), and then it only left a very faint tinge that would come off with my second cleanse. I was very happy that it didn’t leave a blurry film in my eyes and I adore that it completely emulsifies and rinses clean without leaving any residue behind!

Overall Rating: I would repurchase this product as its performance is excellent and I would rate it 4 out of 5 stars. 


Seoul Glow: "We love a satisfied reviewer!! Anne-Marie isn’t the only one who has fallen for this cleansing balm. We absolutely love using this cleansing balm too and it’s one of the most popular products we sell on our online store."


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